Who is Bajro?

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Who is Bajro? Let's start with the name, Bajro is pronounced "Bye-row".
Bajro Ponjevic (born 19 April 1993), better known as Bajro, is a Bosnian songwriter, record producer and actor. He has been referred to as the "The Fen'es" (from English: "Finesse"). Bajro was born in Bihac, Bosnia. At age 5 , he and his family moved to the United States to escape the Bosnian War, where he lived in both Oakland, CA and Alameda, CA.  Now located in Los Angeles, CA.
Though his music is primarily reggaeton, Bajro has experimented with a variety of musical genres in his work, including hip hop, house music, trap, and R&B.
He hopes to collaborate with Latin American artists such as Ozuna, Nicky Jam, J Balvin, Bad Bunny and Pitbull. Despite working with many English-speaking artists, Bajro continues to work almost exclusively in Spanish.