Kael is a Mexican-American rapper, signer, songwriter, and performer eager to display his new age point of view for future and past generations of listeners around the world.

He discovered his love for music from the very young age of 6 years old, being surrounded and influenced by various cultures and styles. He eventually learned how to play instruments such as the guitar and trumpet and has been performing his music since as early as grade school, in his hometown in the Bay Area in Northern California.

The up and coming artist eventually decided to move to Los Angeles, to further pursue and advance in his musical career.

It was while traveling to South America, Colombia, where he had met young producer One Sebastian at Sugar Tree Music Studios, with whom he began collaborating closely, beginning work on Kael's debut album.

With his Latin America roots and strikingly refreshing new sound, Kael creates a musical experience demonstrating not only his true passion but with lyrics, both in Spanish and English, reflecting his own personal life experience growing up bilingual & bicultural inside the biggest melting pot in the world.

 His music is defined as latin urban, reggaeton, trap with incorporations of various other genres into his music. Daring to be different, from California to the World, Kael will be the name to remember, here to stay, the new shining talented young mind is opening doors while carving his own path, one song at a time